The Creators

Francis M. Crim Phd. 

Robert A. Lane

Robert A. Lane has been a working composer & musician for over 25 years. He’s written and performed for several films and television shows. He’s also lent his talents to other various projects ranging from rock, jazz and country. However, film scoring and creating beautiful ambient music for meditation albums has really become his forte.

Designing lush soundscapes that allow the listener to lose themselves in meditation is an art form and Robert’s music is the perfect fit for Crimson Lane Experiences. 
Francis is a Reiki Master and Kinesiology Facilitator.  He started doing guided meditations for family and friends at a very young age and after constant request to record his guided meditations, he finally created Crimson Lane Experiences after he met Robert and heard his music. He knew that Robert was the missing ingredient to make a recorded guided mediation that would be beneficial to the listener.    
The response has been overwhelming and to say the least, very humbling to hear from so many people, how much they have enjoyed and been affected by CLE’s Guided Meditation CDs.  Francis does not claim to be a healer, but merely a guide to steer one on a path of peace and love that leads to self healing, forgiveness and the Divine. Namaste!